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Graduate Studies Contacts

Faculty of Graduate Studies
Earth Sciences, Room 720
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada   T2N 1N4

General Enquiries: (403) 220-5417
To email enquiries, use the appropriate email address below.

Fax: (403) 289-7635

Prospective Students: For information about graduate programs in the first instance, contact the specific graduate program in which you are interested rather than the Faculty of Graduate Studies. For general email enquiries use graduate@ucalgary.ca.


Faculty of Graduate Studies
Graduate Scholarship Officer Erin Coburn 220-4938
Graduate Scholarship Officer Maria Lavoie 220-8483
Graduate Scholarship Officer Cathie Stiven 220-3857
Graduate Program Officer Catalina Kovacs 210-9754
Graduate Program Officer Dawn MacMillan  220-5116
Graduate Program Officer Diane McInnes  220-6355
Graduate Program Officer Francey Pisicoli  220-8299
Graduate Program Officer Marianne Menard  220-4931
Graduate Program Officer Corey Wilkes  220-5419
Postdoctoral Program Coordinator Marilyn Mooibroek 210-9827
Administrative Assistant - Finance Nurani Mawji 220-4936
Faculty Administrative Assistant Stephanie Brown 220-4938
Faculty Administrative Assistant Vanessa Gee 220-4938
Faculty Administrative Assistant Jennifer de Roaldes 220-4938
Dean Dr Fred Hall 220-6356
Associate Dean Dr Valerie Haines 220-3788
Associate Dean Dr Adrienne Kertzer 220-4935
Associate Dean (Engineering) Dr Michael Sideris 220-4985
Associate Dean (Medicine) Dr Frans van der Hoorn 220-4243
Associate Dean Dr Hal Wieser 220-4934
Graduate Associate Registrar (Policy and Planning) TBA  
Budget Manager Robin Slot 220-4933
Administrative Assistant to the Dean TBA 220-6356
Graduate Associate Registrar (Student Services) Gillian Robinson 220-6359


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